The Progression of Digital Marketing Over the Years

As Singapore has shown significant growth in marketing in the past few years, and trade analysts are hopeful of more yet there are key challenges for any digital marketing agency in Singapore. As more and more companies have entered in the market competition is inevitable. Though corporate world is not new to this. They have great talents to keep their foot strong, yet some other vital factors should be studied as well.

Areas that will impact the world of marketing in Singapore

A lot of influence of video advertisements- though their presence since quite a while, all big companies place their ads on social media. Google, who is the owner of you tube allows video advertising as an accepted policy. In their recent survey it was found that 66% of smartphone users are addicted to watch videos and other digital services on their device. This trend is expected to grow and every marketing agency in Singapore needs to work on the quality of their work. Creativity should be able to lock horns with the global giants.

This is serious threat to any marketing agency whose clients are still untouched by video ads. They need to push them to adopt and be aware of such powerful medium. So convincing will need to grow with creativity hand in hand for some agencies.

Apps are a threat to such agencies. With apps who can do almost everything the websites provides, no wonder if in recent future any app is able to function as good as such company.

Siri and Cortana are used in finding useful information about their SEO and PPC movements, the decline of online marketing in Singapore is predictive. However, the digital assistants’ technology is still growing and thus a lot of time is with the companies to ponder upon the future threat.

Mobile SEO is simpler. With the majority of population busy with internet throughout the day and strong network connections, they have challenged the methods to access information. Building a mobile site more dependable with the optimum handler experience and accurateness will be a vital need.

Tough times will surely doom on mobile sites which take time to load. Incompetence in digital world will find no place.

Fundamental competence for all digital marketing companies.

Budget management- with so much to work upon, strict budget management is required. Cost cutting methods with optimized value added services are crucial for growth of such companies.

Adoption of inbound marketing techniques like eBooks’, social media platform and newsletters and so on.

Performance monitoring is again an essential feature. How can one forget to tack performance of the launched marketing campaign or an advertisement? The future of any such program depends on the review of such monitoring.

Email marketing can be put into use. As the country’s population is hooked to internet, emails can be a huge source for marketing.

With all such other aspects like visual assets and automation platforms, the marketing agencies are sure to enjoy their share of the market.

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