Reaching Out to the Masses Through Online Marketing

The world is converting into the digital world year by year as the technology is getting advanced. Studies have shown the growth of digital economy that is growing at the pace of 10 times faster as comparing to the digital economy.

Online marketing is blooming in many parts of the country all over the world such as South America, North America, Africa, Asia , Europe but the most successfully the growth has been witnessed in Singapore. Digital marketing agency of Singapore is popular for coming up with their remarkable marketing strategy.

Digital marketing agency in Singapore knows best that how to reach to the consumers and doing the establishment of the brand in the best possible way. The aim of online market services provider in Singapore is to the building of the company’s reputation.

The tools offered by the marketing agency are Singapore is quite unique and advanced as compare to other digital marketing agencies in the world.

The main services that are part of online marketing in Singapore are:

1) Website Development:

It is first and most important tool of advertising agencies. . It plays an important role in reaching to the target audiences. The reason is that all the potential customers are in look for the information. The website brings a sought of an online presence which allows the customer to get to know about the company in a broad way.

2) Search Engine Marketing:

After building of website, second step is to do the promotion of the website, Search engine marketing is the best way of doing that. It is like giving the exposure to the website. This exposure is being done with the help of making use of the keywords that are related to the business. There are also other two tools that are part of the Search Engine Marketing which is

Pay Per Click (PPC): it is displayed well on the pages of Search Engine result. The advertiser need to do the payment, when the advertiser pays if the click is made on the ad by the user and directed on the landing page of the website.

Search Engine optimisation (SEO): It is the process of doing the best optimisation of the website content that will result in increasing the exposure of the organic search results related to the desirable keywords. It is considered as the long term strategy of digital marketing in Singapore.

3) Make use of the Social Network:

As 96% of people of Singapore access to the Social networking sites, so for digital marketing agency of Singapore is considered as the most powerful tool. One can easily do the advertisement of website or company through the pages of social networking. It is the best form of reputation management strategies.

4) Email Marketing:

Another tool of digital marketing in Singapore. Many of the businesses prefer to make use of this tool in reaching out to target audience or desired customers. It is a way of encouraging customers to sign up in availing the newsletters. It is doing of marketing by the way of promotional emails.

Due to its sheer effectiveness, digital marketing has become an essential part of running a successful business in Singapore. It never fails to create a positive impression of a particular brand, product or service in the minds of customers.

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The Digital Marketing Revolution in Singapore

Back in the day, people used to go to shops and markets to buy necessary supplies and other types of goods. But that is all history now. In the present times with the advancement of technology, behavior patterns of consumers have also changed drastically. Nowadays people are inclined more towards digital marketing. Now, before we get into the details, we should know what digital marketing actually means. The term digital marketing is a whole new sphere where people opt for online aid to get their goods conveniently at their doorstep. Digital marketing is just like having the magic lamp of Aladdin, just as rubbing the lamp would conjure the Genie who would grant Aladdin any three wishes, in the same way digital marketing has helped consumers to get their goods swiftly, as popularly advertised in most online sites that your product is ‘just a click away’.

Impact of Digital Marketing

With the initiation of digital marketing people’s lives have become much easier. As a result, people from different backgrounds are creating their own pages and advertising their products online. Almost overnight the concept of digital marketing has gone from a technical wonder to a business necessity. With the development of digital marketing, businesses have changed their methods of utilizing technology for marketing their brands and products. The marketing sector of corporate houses is taking help of digital platforms and incorporating them into framing their own marketing plans. This, in turn, has paved the way for people to use digital mediums instead of being physically present in shops. Thus the online marketing campaigns are becoming more widespread and effective. One thing that must be kept in our minds is that just by advertising a product on a digital is not enough.

How Companies Benefit from It

The product should be advertised and marketed in such a way that it should attract various types of customers who have diverse needs and interests. With the growth of online marketing, there is also the fear of being duped. So customers should always be careful when buying products online. Products should be bought from genuine and trusted online sites. There are various ways in which brands can utilize digital marketing to enhance their marketing efforts. The utilization of online marketing in the digital era not only permits the big marketing firms to promote their products and services but also provides round the clock online customer service to make the customer feel satisfied. Social media interaction enables big brands to collect feedback from their customers. It also allows the brands to determine which media platform is best suited for them. It has become a trend for consumers to voice their feedback online via social media platforms like blogs and websites.

As time progresses countries all around the world are becoming more and more digitized out of Singapore is considered to be more advanced than the rest. South East Asian countries especially Singapore is unfolding as a market with great resolve and promise for brands and firms who are looking to expand and enlarge their sales via digital marketing. The reason why South East Asia is the ideal spot to expand their market is because of their fast growing economy, Singapore being the ideal choice for digital marketers who want to gain a head-start.

A Digital Hub in Southeast Asia

There are various reasons due to which Singapore is considered as the center for digital marketing. Singapore is ideal for digital marketers who are particularly in quest of a South East Asian country having ideal demographics and also exemplary knowledge about Western culture including the purchasing power. The average citizens out there are quite acquainted with the prime Western brands, entertainment cultures, and also the media. Singapore has the ideal demographics in the South Eastern Regions to make digital marketing campaigns a success.

Singapore is also known to have the largest percentage of people utilizing the internet in the whole world. It is said that more than 81 percent of the population which is around eight individuals in every ten use the internet simultaneously. Singapore is also known for having one of the fastest broadband speeds in the world. The average speed is near are around 94.8 Megabits per second. Not only has that but the country also enjoyed the finest 4G mobile network coverage in the entire world.

More than two-thirds of the country avails LTE coverage having speeds up to 38MB per second. No matter the time and place people are always busy with their phones because of the finest quality network which even works in tunnels or underground trains. This is why digital marketers looking for wide range of consumers via mobile finds Singapore to be the ideal destination. Near about 90% of the population depends on search engines like Google and Yahoo to stay informed. A digital marketing agency aiming the Asian region can acquire great benefits here. Facebook being the most popular social network by its insight tool shows that more than 3.5 million of active users belong from Singapore, itself. The tweet from Twitter for Business shows that the greater part of the 650k tweets is from Singapore and is in English. Half the working populations from this country are on LinkedIn. Instagram and Whatsapp from the other important social media platforms.

Over the last few years, digital marketing has seen potential growth in Singapore. Due to the population’s inclination towards offline shopping digital marketing had a slow start. But nowadays online shopping is being accepted at a faster rate because of the emergence of sites like Redmart, Lazada and Zalora and many more.

In Summary

It is important for a digital marketing agency to consider all the crucial factors before setting up an online business. Therefore, when it comes to Singapore, it has emerged to be a popular choice for Western companies to set up their sites and the trend is increasing day by day. Any digital marketing agency looking forward to diversify it’s operations, Singapore is undoubtedly a perfect choice in the entire South-East Asian Region. To give your business a boost, it’s important to plan your digital marketing in the right way.

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