The Author

Hey friends! I’m Jim Cheong and I welcome you on my blog. I am glad that you got some moments to know about me. I’m quite passionate about digital marketing and its techniques. I frequently write about it to inform people how effectively, they can utilize it to gain delighting results. I worked for some renowned digital marketing firms for a long time and that’s how I have gained immense knowledge about this modern marketing technique.

Now I prepare blogs and share my knowledge through this blog. I know that there are many curious people, who often read about digital marketing and want to know how it works. So, I try to make things simpler for them and improve their knowledge about the most advanced ways of promoting products and services.

How did I get into this field?

It is not a long and boring story, so I’m sure you would like it. Promoting a product or a brand was not quite an easy task before a decade. All the companies used to depend on the ground based marketing strategies. They used to hire many employees for door-to-door promotions and it was simply difficult for a small business to spend such a large amount only for promotion. Things got changed with the revolution in the web technologies. There was a time when companies were largely dependent on the print media and television media to promote their services. The internet had changed everything and now it was possible to promote products in a very cost-effective way and that’s what lured me.

I found it quite exciting that how a small business (even a normal retailer) can target a large number of audience in a region and attract them towards his business. My passion for digital marketing went to the next level as I had started learning this marketing technique and applying on some of my sites. Fortunately, the demands for well-knowledgeable digital marketers got increase and I got recruited. I spent quite a long time by serving the local and exotic clients of my company for their digital marketing demands.

Of course, there was not only me who was promoting the products and services online. I was working with many other experts, who were expert in this field and who used to teach me new techniques of bringing a website on the top in the search results and drawing more prospects to the client’s online business. Soon, I realized that I can work on my own and get some great opportunities of promoting all sizes’ businesses online. So, I started my own work and today I’m serving many clients for their digital marketing demands.

How you can benefit with my blog?

I’m not one of those individuals, who believe in keeping their knowledge locked. I like to share what I have learned till the date and I love to help new marketers and business owners. I share many essential details regarding digital marketing and e-commerce business to provide my readers with the ways of gaining a huge success. My ideas have helped many people and their positive reviews have always encouraged me for publishing more blogs.